“A Teacher’s Log, Marvel Comics and Isaac’s Daily Report”

Hello folks, it feels like a long time coming since I last wrote a blog post. I am now starting to understand when my fellow teachers say, “There is never enough time to get work done.” As a first year teacher, things have been really exciting and like a roller coaster ride – all part of the adventure. I am sure some of my students will be reading this, so I will do my best to ensure that my grammar and composition are correct (In saying that, if you notice anything incorrect students, I am sure I will hear from you in-class on Monday morning. lol)

I am thoroughly enjoying my career change; having the privilege to lead, shape and mold future generations is a true honour indeed. The best part is: I am also learning everyday. Learning how to hone my teaching skills, dealing with different situations, and being a part of a school network is quite exciting.

With that said, one of my favourite parts about my career change is that I get to be with my own children more often. Driving to school, seeing them in that environment, and then home together is such a blessing. At first I was concerned about the dynamic between us – teacher and father. Yet with some sound advice from my colleagues, combined with time, I have found the transition not as intense as I first thought it would be.

Also I dressed up as Charles Ingalls from The Little House On The Prairie this week for World Literacy Day at school!

With that said, pour up a hot beverage, have a treat, and I hope you enjoy this post.

Marvel Comics

My inner-nerd senses are tingling.

It was Christmas time, and I had received some money from my family. I decided to splurge a little on myself and purchase something for myself that I find enjoyable and relaxing. What was it?

You guessed it – Marvel comics.

Yes sir, I have become quite the Marvel fan these past few years. Growing up, I would watch the TV shows like X-Men and Spider-Man, and my fandom grew as I played with my Marvel action figures. Now at the ripe age of 32, I enjoy reading Marvel comics through Marvel Unlimited. A digital comic book app, that has tens of thousands of comics, all available with a subscription. For the past few years, I could only afford a one month subscription…however this Christmas I was able to get a yearly subscription, with a coupon of course!

Now at my fingertips, I am can read all my favourite comics like The Avengers, Captain America, Spider-Man and many more. The best part, from my opinion, about the earlier years of Marvel, is that the comics and storylines had a lot of meaning and depth. Founder and creator of Marvel, Stan Lee, paved the way in the comic world for Black rights (Black Panther and Falcon), Women’s’ rights (Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, and many more female characters), and even pushed for Godly morals and ideas through the characters themselves, i.e.. Captain America. Some folks believe these things could not exist in stories that have characters fighting, smashing and knocking out villains’ in every comic. Yet like many things, if you look for only darkness, that’s what you’ll find.

Isaac’s Daily Report

Did you ever watch the original Looney Toons cartoons growing up? (Some of you reading this might have no idea what the Looney Toons are.) The Looney Toons was a TV series from 1930-1969, with characters like: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner and Foghorn Leghorn and dozens of others.

“What or who is, Foghorn Leghorn?”

Great question.

Until ten seconds ago, I also did not recognize the name with the character.

*Sigh* #Millennials

I present, for those millions who might not know him…FOGHORN LEGHORN.

The only memories I have of this rooster is that he stuttered, he was sneaky, and that he used to smack around other characters every episode. Whether he was paddling the dog, kicking the dog, or smoking the dog over the head with a club – he rarely kept his hands to himself.

Queue up – Isaac.

Now my son doesn’t really have a stutter; after all, what four year old talks normal without the need of translator.

For example: we are in the grocery store and Isaac calls out to a random person and asks about their day. The man replies, thus encouraging Isaac to talk more. Isaac speaks fast and not that clear, so the man looks at me as if to say, “Could you translate?” My response usually is, “I have no idea what he just said.”

Now half the time I actually do know what he said; however, I do not have the time to explain this to every person Isaac stops in the grocery store…which is usually every person in the grocery store. So I just play dumb, hoping to limit my conversations with complete strangers, and go about my grocery shopping.

What Isaac does have though is a tendency to, lets say, not keep his hands to himself. Now he is cute as pie and loving, which is his redeeming grace, but he does at times get physical. Now that he is in daycare with his twin sister, Isaac is learning how to interact well with others his age. Thanks to COVID and our government shutting everything down, most young children during the years of 2020-2022 ended up being by themselves or having limited relational experiences with others. Now that all restrictions are lifted, children have lots of relationship sharing experiences with each other: viruses that seemingly never end.

I digress.

Back to my youngest child.

After multiple reports from Isaac’s daycare teachers, we have started to really work on Isaacs’ “hands on skills.” (After all, I don’t want him to end up like former CIA operative, Bryan Mills, from the movie series Taken.) After numerous corrections, discipline, and conversations, Isaac is finally started to keep his hands to himself – at a 50/50 rate.

Isaac now gives his own daily report to us after daycare. This is how it goes when I pick him up.

Me: “Isaac, how was your day today at daycare?”

Isaac: “I never hit people!”

Me: *pause* “That’s great Isaac. So what else did you do today?”

Isaac: “Oh, I played with my friends…and I never hit people!”

Everyday it’s the same report, whether in-person or over the phone.

Excellent. Groundhog day.

***Fast forward 50 years. ***

Old Man Christian: “Isaac, how was your day today?”

Adult Isaac: “I never hit people.”

Old Man Christian groans.


7 thoughts on ““A Teacher’s Log, Marvel Comics and Isaac’s Daily Report”

  1. Isaac got your interrogation routine down. “I never hit people!” Cute.
    Your Charles Ingalls pic looks good bro! All you need now is to bring back your longer length hair style and you be a double!
    Good read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoyed this blog, Christian. You reminded me of when you were just a little boy around Isaac’s age. Unlike Isaac though, you spoke very clearly. However, you were quite the storyteller back than, and still are today. You always kept your audiences captivated, with your great detail of family activities. Sometimes I would cringe wondering what family secret you would share next! Oh the joy of those memories and the times of laughter they would bring! I have held those times in my heart, and as you know, have shared them quite often over the years. Thank you for continuing to touch our hearts with your God given gifts of storytelling and humour! Love you forever, Mom.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy 2023, Christian! Glad to hear the transition in your new job went well (I have heard of Looney Toons, but was unfamiliar with all the characters, except maybe the rabbit. Now, I know another character by name!)


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