“A Teacher’s Log, Marvel Comics and Isaac’s Daily Report”

I hope you enjoyed todays blog. Tune in next time, for another post from The Eason Clan.


7 thoughts on ““A Teacher’s Log, Marvel Comics and Isaac’s Daily Report”

  1. Isaac got your interrogation routine down. “I never hit people!” Cute.
    Your Charles Ingalls pic looks good bro! All you need now is to bring back your longer length hair style and you be a double!
    Good read.

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  2. Really enjoyed this blog, Christian. You reminded me of when you were just a little boy around Isaac’s age. Unlike Isaac though, you spoke very clearly. However, you were quite the storyteller back than, and still are today. You always kept your audiences captivated, with your great detail of family activities. Sometimes I would cringe wondering what family secret you would share next! Oh the joy of those memories and the times of laughter they would bring! I have held those times in my heart, and as you know, have shared them quite often over the years. Thank you for continuing to touch our hearts with your God given gifts of storytelling and humour! Love you forever, Mom.

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  3. Happy 2023, Christian! Glad to hear the transition in your new job went well (I have heard of Looney Toons, but was unfamiliar with all the characters, except maybe the rabbit. Now, I know another character by name!)


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