The Difference Of 150 Feet

Photo by Ritche Perez on

What a difference 150 feet can make.

Sitting on a bench, overlooking a duck pond across from the Johnson Geo Centre in St. John’s, I began to reflect on this fact. About 150 feet to my left, lies another wooden bench that I usually sit on during my lunch break. A bench that’s my calming place, with a beautiful view – the entire St. John’s harbour and waterfront for my pleasure.

This time however, I had to leave ‘my’ bench due to high winds (after all, I can’t eat my pizza if my toppings are blowing over the cliff). I glanced around, and realized that the prevailing southernly wind gusts were blocked by Gibbet Hill directly behind ‘my’ spot. I grabbed my coffee, my journal and half eaten cookie and walked back down the path towards the duck pond. After finding a new bench – overlooking the pond – I was amazed at the lack of wind. I could feel the hot sun on my skin, with very little breeze.

What a big difference a small thing can make.

Reader, a small word of encouragement can make a difference to someone today. A quick smile could brighten someone’s day. A short prayer could be more powerful than a lengthy speech. A loving hug could mean more than all the money in the world.

Although 150 feet is not much, it made all the difference for me.

It’s the little things that matter.

Have a blessed day.


(Picture above. Top left corner, you can just make out the tiny bench that I usually sit on. The large rock mound, center-left, is Gibbet Hill.)

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