Wieners and Sausages

What do you do, when your dog eats not one, not two, but ten raw moose sausages? Oh yes, coming in at a whopping nine pounds, plus two pounds of moose meat… meet Asher, my miniature Dachshund. (I love the picture of my wife and Asher, on our wedding day).

Sitting in my lap now – significantly lighter than that gorging dog back on January 10, 2013 – Asher is the perfect lap warmer. All ye people with mini dogs put your hands up!

Today, I share with you my journal entry from that fateful day. There is a lesson to be learned here. So sit back, have a coffee or tea, and enjoy anything post from The Eason Clan. (Asher just tooted…great start.)

One of ‘those’ mornings

January 10, 2013. I woke up at 2AM.

Nature was calling and I needed to use the bathroom. I slid my legs from under the blankets, and started to make my way towards the hall.


There curled in a ball on the floor, is Asher.

Two problems with this scene:

1) Asher sleeps in our bed. Our bed at the time was 3 feet up off the floor. Flying wieners are never a good thing, and for Asher, he knows this (the hard way). I have witnessed Asher fly on two occasions: swan-diving from our bed and smoking the floor. The other time when I took him outside in a Category 2 Hurricane and he literally blew off the ground as a massive gust of wind took him. Thankfully for his sake, I was holding his leash.

2) When he does rarely jump out of bed, he whines until we pick him up. So since he never woke me, he was hiding something

“Paranoid much bro?”

Yeah, pretty much.

Using the deduction of Sherlock Holmes, I deduced he had done something. Making my way down the hall, I found some dog poop by the door (not surprising); however, something else did catch my attention.

Walking forward, I stooped down to examine the evidence.

It wasn’t toilet paper. It wasn’t a chewed shoe, or a tipped over garbage can (his favourite thing to do). Rather, it was pieces of raw moose sausage.

(How did he get raw sausage? I can’t begin to tell you, because I don’t remember).

I went back into the bedroom, and there was Asher shaking away on the floor, belly swollen to the floor.

Dang bro, that’s intense.

So guess what Christian did all night?

I brought Asher outside every hour and then back into his kennel. All night. I had no intentions of dealing with a surprise wiener nuke going off. It was a lonnnngggggg night.

What’s ya goin’ do?

“Bad boys, bad boys, what’s ya goin do, when they come for you?”

Yeah Asher, I’m looking at you wiener. Looking back now, its quite the memory of our ‘bonding’. My entry wouldn’t be finished, unless I shared with you the aftermath.

Asher survived.

I was crooked (not because he survived)

“What! Saint Christian, crooked?”

Yes indeed, no-sleep Christian is not a fun person. I learned a lesson that day too.

When life gets rocky, don’t turn on the ones you love.

Stress tends to play on our heart strings, and pluck them in the wrong way. I got to admit, I was a jerk that day to my wife. I argued at the dumbest things, I took offense to the most silliest of comments and I let a single moment ruin a whole day of moments.

I realized something that day: when the trouble gets cracking, I got to life my voice and sing to God.

When you take your mind and thoughts off of your situation and problems, and instead focus on God, He takes away that burden like a boss. Now, I don’t mean He just…*poof* obliterates it (which He can totally do) but in that moment, all my heartaches from the day and tiredness started to switch off. Praising Him in the hard moments, and thanking Him for what He has already done, changes me from the inside out.

Friend, if your day feels upside down today, let God turn it right-side up. He is the definition of Peace. Next time you go through a hard time, rather than say, “Why did you allow this!” try saying, “I don’t understand why this happened, but God I know your looking out for me and I know you won’t let go! I praise you Lord! You are good, even in the hard times.”

I promise you, watch your day do a flip.

And hopefully your dog doesn’t eat two pounds of raw meat…


3 thoughts on “Wieners and Sausages

  1. Yikes! How did he manage to eat ten sausages? (Sorry, I’m from the western states. I don’t think we even have moose sausages where I live; are they huge?) I’m glad Asher’s okay, though. He’s very adorable!

    I empathize with stress getting to a person. It’s happened to me a few times, and I’m not proud of it. Thanks for the reminder to keep our focus on God in difficult times. It’s something I’ve been learning 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find your comment very encouraging. Even this morning during my time with God, I read in Luke 11 about Martha and Mary. I believe Martha has a servants heart, however during this particular instance, she was letting stress creep in, hence why Jesus said “Why are you so worried and concerned…”

      A reminder for us all, to serve and use our gifts but to sit and be in peace, like Mary, at Jesus’s feet.🙂

      (Moose sausages can be pretty big, however these were like medium size ones. To Asher though, they were gigantic bratwurst lol)

      Liked by 1 person

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