Stories about Courage: Those That Rise Up – Part 1


Hey folks, hope your week was great. Ours was a bit rocky and unpredictable, but yet through it all, we’ve seen yet again the faithfulness of God during difficult times. This weeks blog is about – courage. How we, as human beings, can rise above chaos and make sacrifices for someone or something. I have a story to share! I hope you enjoy.

When I hear about a courageous act, I feel inspired. Inspired by the bravery, the self-sacrifice, and the overwhelming rejection of self-perseveration. Courageous acts are not something you hear about very often, because usually they happen during extraordinary circumstances. I remember as a child, walking past my grandfathers war plaque. On it was an array of pictures, money from Europe, and various artifacts. I would strand in awe, gazing at the collection for minutes at a time (which for a child is like an eternity). Afterwards, I would reflect on my Pop’s bravery, and how as a soldier in WW2, he laid his life on the line every single day – for five years.

This week as I recalled some of his stories, I started to think about other stories that are out there; some more known than others. Our first story went viral in 2020, and I feel like it deserves a 1st place spot in this post.

Protecting His Little Sis

6-year-old, Bridger Walker from Wyoming, US, was hailed a hero in July, 2020. What started as a singular, selfless moment, ended up turning into some serious international attention and appreciation from thousands of people. While walking outside, Bridger, and his sis were approached by a German Sheppard. The dog charged towards them, and instantly Bridger stepped between the dog and his sister. What followed was a vicious attack, leaving the boy with 90 stitches from bites to his face; however, in spite of this, he still managed to grab his sister by the hand and ran with her to safety.

The attack gave Bridger some serious scars to his face, however after his bravery went viral, doctors around the U.S. offered his family assistance for his surgeries. Then multiple movie stars (I will only name two) like Chris Evans (Marvel’s Captain America) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) reached out to Bridger and his family, showing their appreciation for his bravery and heroism with Marvel memorabilia and video calls from the actors themselves. Tom Holland even went as far as inviting the Walker’s to the Spider-Man movie set.

What would cause such a young child to risk his life for his sister?


After the attack, Bridger’s Aunt asked him why he did what he did. His answer,

“If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

I have goose-bumps just reading that.

Often when we hear of courageous acts, it’s usually from the media or some third-party writing about the incident. It’s not very often you hear someone tooting their own horn about doing something brave – Bridger Walker shows that perfectly with his modesty and matter-of-factness. Usually good Samaritans or heroes don’t flaunt their deeds. I believe most aren’t doing it for glory – rather out of love.

****************CHRISTIAN’S RANDOM INTERESTING FACT****************

Do you know where the term “Good Samaritan” came from?

Would you believe that is from the Bible? In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus told a crowd of people a story, about a man who was attacked by robbers, stripped of all his belongings and left half-dead in the road. Along came a priest, who saw the beaten man but went around him. Next came a Levite (a religious helper to the priests) who saw the man, but passed along side, offering no aide. Finally, a Samaritan came along, and after seeing the wounded man, he bandaged his wounds, using olive oil (soothing lotion) and put the man on his own donkey and brought him back to an inn.

Throughout Canada, there are multiple provinces with Good Samaritan Laws in place; the law reads like this (for most), “A person who renders emergency medical services or aid to an ill, injured or unconscious person, at the immediate scene of an accident or emergency…” Interesting fact about the significance of the term, Good Samaritan. Back in the Bible times, Samaritans and Jews did not like each other – at all. Jews regarded the Samaritan’s as mixed blood relatives; not pure like the Jewish lines from Abraham. Both sides would go as far as living in different towns, avoiding travel so as to not contact each other – just a whole mess of division.

This makes the story Jesus told all the more powerful. If you see someone in need -even someone you don’t like- we are called to help that person. Why?


“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” Matthew 7:12

Tune in next week, for part two of Stories About Courage.


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