My Chess Partner

A pale cream-coloured Knight, it’s grooved head in my hand, is moved up the board by my nervous fingertips. It is match number three of four…and I haven’t won a game. My dear Uncle is showing me his chess skills again.

One more move, and I’ll have him. That’s what I tell myself. However one thing I’ve forgotten, this is Don Thornhill I’m talking about.

With a flick of my wrist, I say “goodbye” to his pawn. “Uncle Bond, I got you this time”.

His King is ripe for check-mating, almost too easy you see. I move my bishop into place as I chirp, “You’re going down this time, Don ol Bean.”

I watch as his face goes from smirk to a frown, as this new problem that he’s encountered, stares him right down. He lifts his hand in contemplation, to the side of his face, and lets out various expressions like “Hmmm” and “Interesting”.

A stranger would think, that Uncle Bond was now stumped, since he mumbled and talked aloud to himself. Surely a sign of some form of self-doubt.

However I know my Uncle, and these expressions a warning sign to me. His brain is working in overdrive to find a move to defeat me.

Another loss is approaching, I can sense it you see; as he reaches for his Queen, apparently I missed that move. Dummy. Yes, the error of my ways, now apparent for all, as loss number three turns into loss number four.

“Good game.” He said, with a renewed smirk on his face, as I stare in disbelief at the change of events. I swear I had him, yes the odds were for me, however you can’t pull a fast one on Uncle Bond, the Chess King.

Sadly those days are now gone; our chess matches in your home. How I miss hearing your taunts and you explaining your moves. Yes, those moments were great, albeit frustrating sometimes. I wish we were drinking coffee again…and could have one more chess game.

I miss you.

Uncle Don or as I affectionately called him “Uncle Bond”



Time passes and those moments that were taken for granted are now…treasures. Those memories, cherished memories, are now stories that sadly have an ending.

One thing, yes one thing I hold onto, is that although the stories here have an ending, when we die there will be another story. I believe Uncle Don is writing a new story. I believe I will write a new story when my book is done here.

I want to thank my Publisher, who has given us all, the opportunity to have our stories forever written. This Life is the Preface, Death is but a Footnote; and what is offered by the Publisher is a towering, far as the eye can see bookshelf. It is filled with books from all time, regardless of race or ethnicity, of those who chose to trust the Publisher to take care of them.

We all have a choice.

I do not write this today with a double purpose, rather I see it as one. Growing up I had a few ‘debates’ about the existence of God with my Uncle. However our last few conversations were not of debate but of prayer. That was our experience together, and I can only speak from my own experience.

So I leave you with this.

In the game of Chess, the amount of possible moves are practically infinite. Consider this: with the first four moves you get 318,979,564,000 different combinations.

With 10 moves you get 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000, or: 169 octillion (

With almost an endless amount of combinations, different moves and decisions you can make, there is still only one way to win the game: Checkmate.

Our walk in this life is similar. We have an endless amount of decisions we can make, and paths we can take. We can choose to put our faith in different things or in people. However the Bible teaches that there is only One Way to eternal life.

That gives me: Hope for today, hope for tomorrow and hope for the next life.

“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”
‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NLT

Make the right choice.

It’s not right because someone told you it was. It’s not right because you ‘think’ you’ve made the right choice. It’s right when you actually call out to Him, and let Him give you the answer.

Then you will know you’ve made the right choice.


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