Strange times at the Clan: Toy Madness and my Son’s allergy to Owls.

Hello folks and welcome back to the strangest things you’d never thought you’d read. Due to an abundant amount of memorable conversations that took place in my home this week, I was left with a dilemma- I had to choose from a half dozen stories and pick two for today’s blog.

Not an easy task! However being forced to choose led to some reflection on my part, and the more I reflected the more I realized how fast time goes by. Whether it’s the size 12 month sleepers that seemed to fit the Twins yesterday, to my oldest children playing Mario Kart better than I ever did.

“I’m getting old Gandalf, and I don’t like it.”

Yes, my household is full of it lately (pardon the pun) and I hope you have room for some funny tales.

So pour up that coffee or tea, have that sweet (and eat a second one for me as I’m trying to lose weight) and enjoy another tale from The Eason Clan.

Toy Madness

The current bane of my existence.



Don’t get me wrong, I love toys. I regret that many of my toys from childhood are no longer in my possession. With four children you tend to gather up a few things, and by a few I mean enough to pull out your eyeballs when you witness one of your children taking a toy bin and *dump* *bang* *smash* all over the floor.


“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Do we have an exciting event for you! Yes, it’s what you’ve been asking for: A SUNDAY TAG TEAM MATCH! We know you’ve heard their names before… they are cute, they are adorable and they know how to make a huge mess. It’s…


“In this corner standing at 2 1/2 feet tall, weighing in at 23 pounds, Ava the Screamerrrrrr (announcer draw). Her partner for tonight’s match, standing at 2 1/2 feet, 30 poundssssss and no stranger to drama… Isaac “BAM BAM” Easonnnn!”

“Standing in the other corner… a 10 pound container of toyssssss.”


“Ava races across the floor *shuffle shuffle shuffle* her little legs moving like Frodo Baggins running from the Nazgul. She grabs a block and whips it across the roommmm. *Tag* Isaac rips across the floor, lifts the ENTIRE BIN, flexing his 4 inch chiseled biceps and powerbombs the bin onto the floorrrrrr.”

Me after seeing the toy dump

Truly I think that’s what is going through their minds. “How many toys can we dump on the floor?” However this wrestling show was cancelled the other day when I rolled my ankle on a toy lying on the floor.

I then limped around the house gathering all toys.


The Twins watched in surprise as the toys were swiftly gathered together and a much smaller supply of goodies left behind. I filled box after box and stashed them all away in the basement. It was at this moment, that I had a revelation:

Children do not need a lot of toys. They don’t need a bunch of technology. Playtime is not about stuff, it’s what your child does with that stuff that matters. It could be a potato or it could be a LEGO set.

So currently the toys in my basement are to be sorted, with a portion kept for our children and another portion given away. After all, if you have enough toys lying around that your rolling ankles, that probably means another family could use some.

Owl Allergies

November 18, Wednesday, 17:00 hrs.

There I was sitting on the floor, staring at the island in my kitchen. It had been a long day. In the background I could hear the screams of the Twins, fighting with one another-for the billionth time that day. Railene was on time out in her room for misbehaving. I was feeling mentally and emotionally drained.

So I plopped myself down on the floor, taking a breather while the battle raged on.

“Lord…this day has been…rough. I need you right now.”

It was then I heard a voice. It was quiet. It sounded distant.

Nope it wasn’t God’s voice.

“Dad? Dad where are you?”

It was Benaiah.

“I am over in the kitchen on the floor.” I replied.

He walked through the living room and opened the gate through the Wall of China (A 20 ft baby gate that spans across our kitchen and living room). He looked surprised seeing me on the floor.

“What’s wrong dad?” he asked.

“Just having a hard done son.”

He came over and sat on my lap, looked me in the eyes and said, “Dad, it’s okay to be sad.” My eyes started to water, he then spoke again.

“Dad, I am allergic to owls…”


His face was like stone.

He said again, “I am allergic to owls and rabbits.”

I forced down the smile that was emerging on my face. He was actually serious.

“When did you find this out buddy?” I asked.

His eyes widened as he looked into mine, his face grew closer with a deadpan expression.

“When I went to the Salmonier Nature Park. There were owls and rabbits, and I am allergic to them.”

I sat there trying to process what he just said and what my response would be. However before I had the chance to question him on the symptoms of his new found allergies, he asked where Railene was and took off upstairs.

There I was again, alone on the floor.

The Twins had settled down and were no longer fighting. Benaiah and Railene were upstairs and Melissa was still at work. Life isn’t easy sometimes, especially when you are home along with four children. I then realized something.

I wasn’t alone.

“…And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Jesus. Matthew 28:20

Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” Romans 15:4


2 thoughts on “Strange times at the Clan: Toy Madness and my Son’s allergy to Owls.

  1. My issue with your amazing posts is this Christian: they are too short! Smile 😁 The ‘voice’ of your writing is exceptional for I am right there during dialogue and active moments! The Creator of this vast Universe laughs with me when I read about you and your shorter gifts from Him! Keep Writing! I love you guys!

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