Short and Sweet -“Dad, when you were a baby… I held you.”

Yes, you read that right. When I was a baby, my eldest daughter Railene held me in her arms. She is four.

She asked me to tell her a story, however, due to her constant interjections into my own tale, I kindly asked her to tell me one. Well that’s how her story started off, and that’s how it ended. The shortest story known to mankind. She held me, her thirty year old father, as a baby.

This week has been one of the silliest to date in regards to the strange things said by my children. I hope you enjoy this round of “Short and Sweet”.

Without further suspense on my part, sit back and enjoy your coffee or tea, that sweet you probably don’t need (unless your fasting then I apologize for tempting you) and enjoy another tale from…

The Eason Clan

The Case of the Missing Drawer Ring

Have you ever lost something that you badly needed in order to make the other half work?


Cell phone charging cable without the base

Toothbrush without the toothpaste

Cereal without the milk

Kraft Dinner without the cheese sauce

Get my point?

Well I had a dilemma this week when I sat down at my computer desk in my study.

I reached down to pull on the handle for the drawer, and to my surprise…it wasn’t there. The oversized brass ring, a vital component for opening the drawer, was missing.

Without it, I’d have to squeeze my fingers between the bottom drawer and the top one (the one with the missing handle), and pry the drawer open with my fingers.

“Oh poor Christian…” Yeah yeah, I know my problems are SO BIG. 😛

I started searching around the desk and checking the floor but alas! still no ring. As I continued to search, Benaiah and Railene strolled into the room.

Seeing her face sparked my memory. A few days prior I remember her fooling around with the drawer handle and popping it off.

Now with her in the study, it was a perfect time to question her on the handles disappearance. I watched as she sat on the floor and started playing with a doll while Benaiah plopped down on the coffee table.

“What’s ya doing daddo?” he asked.

“Trying to find the ring for this drawer. Railene you were the last one playing with it, do you know where it’s to?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“But you had it last Railene?”

“PICKLES!” Benaiah shouted.


“It’s over at Nan’s.” Railene said.

She continued to avoid eye contact. Guilty. 100%.

‘Why would you bring it to Nans? So it’s over there?”

“PICKLES!” another shout..

Railene looked up from her doll, giving me the look, as if to say “You should know this already” and said:

“It’s been over there for forty days….”


Confusion racked my brain as the time frame conflicted. Where did she get forty days? Such a random number. Did she get that from Noah’s ark forty days or Jesus tempted in the dessert forty days?

I turned around, stared at my desk, and pried open the drawer with my fingers.

“Forty days?” I said aloud.

I started to laugh, “Forty days.”

I’d rather talk to Railene then have one hundred “normal” conversations with an adult.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Feel free to share by any means necessary. I hope you have a great weekend!


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