A Dispatcher’s Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the OCC, the phones were ringing and the radios beeping. Our headsets were hung on our heads with care, hoping the radios would finally be clear. The Officers are working, on patrol and on foot, while the dispatchers take calls and coordinate help. My Team Leader in her PJ’s and I in my robe, sipping my coffee and 10-8’ing the board.

With a ding and a beep, I flew like a flash; I opened a file and started to type fast; the caller needed help, in a panic they were; however with a reassuring voice they knew help would soon be there. What did my ears hear, but my supervisor say, “Do you need anything? I am free. You okay?” A close knit team, we are lively and quick, I knew at that moment, my team would not leave me stuck.

Faster than lightning, my friends do they work, they dispatch and help and they call units by name: “Calling 6b04 and 6b08, calling 9b02 and 9b08, 12b05 and 12b16, checking status 11b02 and 11b03!” From 2000 to 0800, we take calls and radios from all! Status check, status check, “11b01 do you copy at all?!”

As calls come in like a gale off the sea, we prioritize our work and dispatch with ease; An Officer asks “Can you run a plate, I am roadside right now” “10-4 copy that, standby one.” With a click and a post the results come right through, I call on the radio “Do you copy 10b02?” “10-4 go ahead, I am turning around. That plate is it valid and the DL too?”

“10-4 plate is valid, however the DL not so much; “Please call me a tow, max timer, I got some paperwork.” A check of our numbers, I then call a tow, “Are you available? We need a vehicle to go.” “Sure, where to?” the driver asks. “On Main Street. And if you don’t mind, what’s your ETA please?”

My phone rings again, it’s an emergency I bet. It’s time to multitask, that’s what we’re good at. “What’s your emergancyyy” I ask with a draw, I take the details and finish my call. We are professionals for sure, a voice like no other, when you’re in trouble, the OCC are there on the double. We are fast and efficient, a proper dispatcher team; we can have a great laugh and work through the pain.

With a click of the mouse and a step on the peddle, the officers know, the call is from 97. Our conversation is concise, and straight to the point; no filler, no stories, our dispatch is precise. Checking my file, and clicking Spell check for sure; Sandra gives a nod and the file gets downloaded too. The radio rings, and we spring into action; like rockets we flew and transmitted the message.

Our shift comes to an end as we unplug from the night;

“MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all a Safe Night!”

Merry Christmas to all our Police Officers and Dispatchers at the Operational Communication Centre (OCC). Your service is valued and your sacrifice is honourable. Stay Safe.


“Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9

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