The 1st Day of Christmas

Photo by Brett Sayles on

The clock struck 12:00AM, while I sat at my desk; the excitement was growing, bursting in my chest. My favourite time of year is here once again; my inner child was laughing and the smile came again.

My memories of the Nativity and baby Jesus on our lawn…and how we lost baby Jesus in a snowstorm and never found Him till Old Christmas Day. He was resting in a snow bank about 100ft from his parents, so we tied him to a block of 2×4 and laid him in the manager.

This Christmas already feels different, even though it’s only Day One. My hearts feels warm inside, as I look forward to Day Two. Maybe it’s because of COVID, and the hopelessness it brings; as it battles against the Story of Christmas…Jesus the King of kings.

Add in my children, and the joy that they bring; as their eagerly talk of Christmas, the tree and giving things. Their faces all aglow today, as I put up the Christmas Mouse; children arguing who can jump him, smiles and pouts at once.

Christmas 🙂


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