Time Well Spent- Making Time For What Matters Most

Time. For some people it seems there is never enough, for others they wish time would go by faster. One thing is for certain though, we can not get it back.

A quote:

“Here’s what we’ve learned, you’ll always make time for what you value. If you value it, you’ll make room for it and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Brittni De La Mora, Fresh Fire For Couples(Bible App)

Isn’t that the truth.

Many times I have said, “I wish I did this” or “I wish I didn’t say that.” Our words and actions are very important. We’ve heard people say its important to speak positive, and to invest our time in things that matter. It seems like good advice however it’s not new advice. The Bible stated that over a thousand years ago and it seems like only now people are starting to catch on. It says there is life and death in the power of the tongue, and to choose life(Deuteronomy 30:19, paraphrased).

Why are so many groups these days talking about positivity and using our time wisely? I believe many of us feel that we have little time in our daily lives. We feel rushed, irritated and even experience anxiety due to this fact. In many ways we can contribute this to our phones. Mankind hasn’t had so much power, information, and the ability to communicate and innovate as of right now…the age of the smartphone. A touch of a button and we are instantly connected. Want to know about a an event in history? Don’t grab a book, just ask Google. Feeling lonely? Message someone a thousand miles away and see what they are up too. Want to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Check out Plenty of Fish or Christian Mingle. We are more in touch with each other than ever before.

Or are we?

Where is the conversation in the waiting room at the Dr’s office? How about at recess or during lunchtime at school? What about when your out dining in a restaurant? So many people are heads down on their phones, you could get abducted by aliens and no one would ever see you go.

Time. It’s valuable. Many of us waste it.

Today let us use our time wisely. Tell your loved one that you love them or do something special together. If you have the means, treat a friend or coworker to lunch. Guys, make supper or clean up the house for your significant other with no strings attached. Instead of playing twenty minutes with your children spend an extra ten.

Let us also use our words today to build someone up, because who knows what tomorrow may bring.


One thought on “Time Well Spent- Making Time For What Matters Most

  1. This is so true for this day we live in, whether younger or older, we all share the same advanced technologys. I agree with you; sometimes they replace valuable one on one/face to face communication.


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