The Four Kindred: The Leader, The Protector, Mother Hen and The Opportunist- Part 1

The names above reflect, in order, the traits my children possess. My wife and I are so blessed to have four children. The differences in their personalities are so unique and at times challenging. I wouldn’t have them any other way. Thankfully we are not all the same, because who on earth would want an army of Christian’s(play on words here) roaming the streets? I sure wouldn’t, because my uniqueness would end right then and there.

This post is part one of a four part series, with todays blog starting with my oldest child, Benaiah. This series is about all my children and how I see them. Unique and awesome, with a pinch of craziness and a whole lot of fun.

“The Leader”- Benaiah son of Christian

“Benaiah” William Etty 1829. Wikipedia.

Firstly, I would like to began by stating that my son Benaiah has never depicted those acts as shown in the picture above. Indeed it would be pretty epic, however I prefer my son not as a Gladiator, especially around his siblings.

About two years before Benaiah was born, I read about the man, Benaiah son of Jehoiada in the Bible( 2 Samuel 23:20-23, 1 Kings 2, 1 Kings 4, 1 Chronicles 11). This guy was Russell Crowe and Liam Nesson combined. If you wanted the perfect soldier, you’d clone these two and out would come Benaiah. He killed two veteran warriors of Moab; fought an Egyptian champion, took the guys spear and killed him with it. Another time he was out in the country and a lion attacked him; which he them wrestled into a pit and killed it. HE WRESTLED WITH A LION AND WON! I have a hard enough time wrestling the sheets up over me in my bed (one occasion even pulling a muscle…pitiful I know).

Benaiah son of Jehoiada was an amazing warrior; and he was also loyal, devoted, and an honourable soldier. Sometimes those qualities don’t mix. How many times do we hear of those in our society that rise to greatness and then fall due to some scandal. We need more Benaiah’s.

He was also the head of King David’s Bodyguard, no small feat mind you. David’s son Absalom betrayed his father and tried to overthrow him by starting a civil war, David fled the city to avoid unnecessary blood shed and his bodyguard protected him in the wilderness. Benaiah was also present when King David made his son Solomon king. This was then contested by Solomon’s brother Adonijah, who tried to take the rule from Solomon at two different times. Finally Benaiah was called upon by the king to find Adonijah during the second rebellion and kill him, putting an end to the treachery. Benaiah then became the General over the army of Israel and that’s the last we hear of him.

I love the name Benaiah. The name means, “Yahweh builds” or “The Lord Build’s” and my son lives up to that meaning.

I have said before that I believe Benaiah will be a leader because he is head strong, determined and strait talking. You don’t need to guess what he is trying to say because he will just come right out and tell you(sometimes though his timing can be a bit poor). For instance when I fell down the stairs he called from the top, “Pull up your pants dad! I can see your bum!” Meanwhile I was lying on the floor in agony but hey, who wants to see their dads butt?

Benaiah and myself at Signal Hill, St. John’s, NL

Somedays he walks around the house strutting like a general, barking orders to the army of five. Sure the last two soldiers( Ava and Isaac) don’t really understand him but they are learning, usually with his guiding hand. He is very rule oriented and quick to remind my wife and I if we happen to break a rule. At the same time though he is the most considerate child I know, asking if he can pray for us and always wanting to spend time together.

Benaiah knows how express himself. Indeed he reminds me of myself and how I have spoken up when the time called for it and also when I probably shouldn’t have said anything. I remember one day at work, there was a large course taking place and wildlife officers from across the province were there. I was walking out of the training room towards the cafeteria when I spotted my favourite cafeteria lady ever, Hilda. She is an older woman but with the energy of the Energizer Bunny. Upon seeing me she walked over quickly to where I was standing, then pointed to the officers, “There’s so many(officers) here today. I feel some popular!”

“Yes,” I replied, “Just like Beatty White!”

Dang bro.

Her faced dropped a little then lightened, “I know what you meant. I’m popular.” I blushed and walked over to stand in the line. I actually did mean that but it didn’t come out right ha! Benaiah has inherited some of my traits, lets hope it serves him better.

Even at the age of five, I see promise over his life and I tell him that. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles: I encourage you to speak life into the children in your lives. They need it. We need it. If you want to raise up warriors in your family, you need to love, guide and encourage them. A simple, “I am proud of you,” or “I love you son/daughter. You will do great things,” can make such an impact in their lives.

Just make sure you don’t leave any swords or bows lying around.


One thought on “The Four Kindred: The Leader, The Protector, Mother Hen and The Opportunist- Part 1

  1. Loved every bit of it! Humerous for sure, but there is truth here. I loved the history. Great writing!
    Your honest Momma who tells it like it is. 😊❤

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