Crystal Blue Shores

Sitting here, I see Your majesty. The water shines in a brilliant blue.

Oh! How beautiful! Yet, not as beautiful as You.

The foam tossed waves, roll against the shore; the cliffs tall, jagged and worn.

Sitting here, I think of Your goodness, and how You changed my life.

Like the water, crisp and sparkling; day after day, you renew me.

In your eyes, I’m like an innocent child. Strong yet weak, brave yet scared, loving yet…wanting.

Like the crashing waves, You wash over me. Their rolling, thunderous boom; showing strength and power…You protect me.

Sitting here, I contemplate my journey. I know where I started but I can’t see where the road leads.

Yet I know it leads me to You.

I am thankful for the Crystal Blue Shores, for they remind me of You.



Always there.

I’ll sit here…a little while longer.


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