Remember: “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance.”

The news you may have been waiting on:

“Christian hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth.”

The next question: “Are you going to keep writing?”


Although I haven’t published any new blogs on The Eason Clan since early September, I have been writing behind the scenes. So if you thought about unsubscribing due to the inactivity on my part, don’t click that mouse button yet! The best is yet to come.

So what have I been doing since my last post? Well my family and I went on a vacation to Halifax, Nova Scotia; we tag-teamed some house projects and survived the “back-to-school plague” (the cold) once Benaiah returned to school. It’s been quite an eventful time for the Eason Clan I must say.

Before we dive into todays blog, I want to share something with you. After “Covid-19: Why should I wear a mask?” went live, I was blown away by the amount of views and shares the blog received. Sitting in my hotel room in downtown Halifax, I had to triple check my website as the amount of views were taking off.

The view from the 14th floor of our hotel, Downtown Halifax.

I share this because I want to say a big thank you to those who promoted my blog through social media. Your shares and comments are greatly appreciated.

So pour up a coffee or tea, grab that cookie or sweet you probably don’t need, and enjoy another post by The Eason Clan!

Battle of the Band-Aid

As some of you know, dealing with a cranky, tired child is never easy., especially when every response to your request is meant with a whining, dragged out:

“Whyyyyyyy Dadddddd…”

Some days parenting feels like a breeze, other days it can be rough. It’s life. However one particular day last week, I was reminded of how special it is to be a father. It all started with a pre-kindergarten checkup for Railene.

My wife told me that Railene had done amazing, receiving her needle like a trooper. However when she got home, she was convinced that her band-aid was covering up the hole and that “the needle” was still left there. No matter how hard I tried to convince her, she was determined to believe that that band-aid couldn’t come off. So every time she had to change her clothes for the next few days was a real struggle.

I had to include this haha

Day Three of Band-aid battle

“But daddddddd, if I change my shirt it will tear off my band-aidddddd.”

“No Railene, I will make sure it won’t. I won’t touch the band-aid.” I replied.

“Noooooooo. Dadddd, I don’t want it offfff.”

The conversation lasted another few minutes before she finally relented to changing her clothes.

Later that night when it was time for bedtime, after everyone had their bedtime snack, I asked Railene to get her PJ’s on and to go brush her teeth. Again we had yet another repeat of the same conversation about the silly band-aid and she refused to brush her teeth. Rather than repeat the dialogue here, I can sum it up with Railene losing stories that night.

The Wisdom of a Child

Normally I don’t use “no stories” as an option for correction, due to the bonding time and the importance of reading. However the other avenues were used before and this had to stop. After we got straitened away for bed, Railene was in her room upset, and I was in Benaiah’s room, son his bed watching him play Lego’s. While he was popping the heads off and switching the bodies on his Lego figures, he stopped and looked me in the eye.

“Dad, maybe you should let Railene have stories?”

“No buddy, she didn’t listen to me.”

“But Dad, God says we all deserve a second chance, ” there was a long pause, “Railene deserves a second chance. Just like God gave Jonah a second chance, you know Jonah and the whale.”

How I picture Benaiah as a Wise Lego Man

I was awestruck. Here, my six year old son, just totally convicted me with his words. I sat there processing what he just said. Now I was left with two options: 1) Stick to what I’ve already said. 2) Show mercy.

Depending on your point of view, you’d most likely fall into one of those two categories. I understand that you need to stick to your word, however not every situation is the same.

I walked out to Railenes room, hearing her crying.

“Come to the door please.” I asked.

As she opened the door, I could see some of the tears on her face.

“You can come into Benaiah’s room for stories. Next time, please listen to me.” I asked.

“Yes dad, sorry.”

Benaiah then put his hand on her forehead, giving her hair a rub before saying,

“It’s okay Railene, Dad’s giving you a second chance. “


We live in a world that’s generally, not very forgiving. All you need to do is turn on the news, open social media, or wait a second too long at the set of traffic lights to hear the horn blaring behind you to hurry up. Often we judge people before we even know the facts, and then form our opinions based on one event or statement said by that person or by somebody else.

We live in a world where instant gratification and instant “truth” sweep across our smartphones and social media, before many even consider the feelings of the person involved or those victimized. It’s sad really.

We need to remember: everyone deserves a second chance.

“Yeah, easy for you to say Christian. You don’t know what that person did to me. They ________” (Fill in the blanks.)

I am reminded of a story I heard years ago, about a mother who went viral after she not only forgave the drunk driver who killed her daughter, but she also asked the judge to lessen his prison sentence so he could be released from jail. (

That’s what you call mercy. Forgiving the person who killed your daughter; the daughter one you sang to sleep, baked cakes for, and had movie nights with. Instantly gone from this world. Now you’re left with the killer? And you forgive him? Not only forgive but you ask the judge, who has the power to keep him behind bars even longer to release him. Wow.

I remind myself of the passage in the Bible, where Jesus is dying on the cross, and he looks down at those who were responsible for nailing him to the cross and he says the most profound thing I ever read:

“Father (speaking to God the Father), forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.

Jesus. Luke 23:34

Not only was Jesus asking for forgiveness for those that were mistreating him, he was asking for it while they were still mistreating him, right in-front of his eyes. That is two completely different things.

So next time I get cut off by a driver, or someone makes a rude comment to me, I will try and remember that I have been given a second chance. Like the Mother who lost her daughter, she gave him a second chance. Most importantly, God offers everyone one of us a second chance. I needed one. How about you?


2 thoughts on “Remember: “Everyone Deserves a Second Chance.”

  1. Love it Christian! Thank God for second chances and more besides. Thank You Jesus for the Cross. Thank You Lord Jesus we have a testimony to share. Forgiveness is powerful. God is love 1john :4 verses 10 and 11. Happy Thanksgiving to you all,! Xo hugs aunt Pauline

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