Lightspeed and Heartbreak

Holy moly! Things are moving at a fast pace lately. It seems like only yesterday I started teaching again after many years; and that it didn’t seem all that long ago that Isaac was using his bedroom wall (the one adjacent to my room) as a drum. The children are growing faster than I ever thought possible; and my garden yielded some great crops with surprise results. For instance, I made a make-shift greenhouse and planted tomato seeds at the beginning of the season. What followed was a dismal failure! No tomatoes to write home about – besides one miniature guy that even the bugs wouldn’t eat because it would have been a waste of time for the effort. After I had planted my greenhouse tomatoes, I started to plant the new field behind my shed (quite small compared to our two larger fields) with turnip and potato seeds. As I finished the rows, I reached in my pocket and pulled out a tiny handful of seeds. Forgetting what they were, I literally tossed them into the wind towards my garden.

We will come back to that story after.

My children continue on with the antics are usual, even in the midst of hard times. Yet again, another virus has struck our home – my wife and I both have the same symptoms: sore throat, headache, fever, aches and pains, chills. Yes sir, just when you think COVID might have boosted our immune system after we all had that, we are afflicted yet again. Thankfully we are on the tail-end of it right now (praying and believing) and the light is in the distance.

Tonight, as I rasped my way through Ava’s story time reading, Cammy the Cameleon, I had a few funny moments with Ava. Out of all our children, she probably has the driest humour. As I read through the book, I watched as she was brushing her hair with a small hairbrush. She must have been watching the movie Tangled because her hair was in knots. Kindly I said, “Ava, when was the last time you brushed your hair?”

“Next year.”

I am still scratching my head on that one. Did she mean to say last year, or was she sarcastically replying to my inquiry about her willingness to maintain her hair?

The jury’s still out on that one.

(I just want to note something here. Isaac is currently pounding away on his bedroom floor with his toys, which sounds like an earthquake since I am directly underneath him. However, a quick, “Get in your bed!” from me managed to quell the racket – hopefully with lasting results.)

One memorable moment happened in Ava’s room before I went out. We agreed to switch roles (I previously was the book holder and Ava the hair brusher) and I started to carefully brush out her tangles. I looked at her beautiful, long brown hair and said to her, “Ava, you are so beautiful.”

“Yeah.” she replied coolly.

She was just acknowledging what was obvious of course. Oh, my beautiful child.

I almost forget! My field blossomed with beautiful flowers and vines – hundreds of grape tomatoes grew. Sometimes what we count as irrelevant can actually bring about beautiful appreciation.


You may be asking, “Christian, why is your title normal than grim?” Well to be quite honest, things have been quite grim since November 1st. I have struggled in ways I never knew existed for me, and I have watched my family around me travel on a rollercoaster that was unpredictable and not enjoyable.

My beautiful mother-in-law, Christine, passed away on that day mentioned.

She was 60 years old.

After multiple courageous battles against cancer, she is now at rest in the arms of Christ. I have stated this multiple times to my family, friends and coworkers – and I will state it again. I never met a woman so strong in my life. Period. To have gone through what she went through, her resolve, love, compassion and unwavering love for others beamed for all to see.

I can still hear her beautiful laugh in my mind.

I missed her calling me after I would lose…over…and over and over in the Scrabble app against her. Yet I would keep playing. Why? Because I loved her. It was fun to lose against someone who loved me and would encourage me to keep laying tiles. A few pep talks from Christine, and I actually did win a few games. Although we both joked that those time I won, she had received treatments and was in hospital without her iPad – so I won by time expiring.

I tried to write a poem the day after she passed, because I could not find the words to compose a blog post. Yeah, I know, Christian without words is unheard of. But you know what, I loved her so much that I am struggling to write at all, because I have felt so low.

There is only one way to end today’s blog, with Christine’s own words taken directly from WordPress, as she stated to me many times over the years that she loved reading my writings.

I miss you – Momma #2,


Please take the time to read each comment, right to the very end.

The Mysterious Footprints

Leave it to the little children to find excitement in something as simple as a little set of footprints. They are so precious. I love reading your entries, keep it up. Love and am currently missing you guys. Love Christine

Thank you Momma#2, your comment means a lot🙂. We miss you guys too

Epic Snow Fight, Chess Moves and Interesting Inventions: A Tribute To My Late Uncle

Hi Christian
I have loved all your blogs but this is a truly special piece of writing. A beautiful tribute
Keep up the good work

Momma 2

Thank you Momm#2! I am glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

Focusing On What Matters- “Others.”

Good morning Christian
I just finished reading this for the 2nd time with my heart bursting with love and pride and my tears overflowing. It’s hard to read and cry at the same time ha ha.
I have loved your posts to now , but this one is so special, I believe it shows your true heart. The true heart of a Christian husband and dad.
God truly answered our prayers for Melissa’s soulmate, you and her are a compliment to each other’s lives. I am so thankful to our God that I have a front Row seat to watch your family make us cry and laugh (a lot of laughing). Our children and spouses and now grandchildren are our utmost pride and joy. Thank you God for another day to love them with purpose, unfortunately some through distance but the love is the same.
I will strive to remember every day we are here for Gods purpose, I have felt his hand when physically I don’t think I could have been much lower but I triumphed through his grace and pray to fulfill his purpose in my life, as a wife , mother/mother in law and grandmother.
We love you son!!
Momma #2

The Skill of A Craftsman: Part One

It is so obvious you were close to your grandfather and he influenced you greatly. You were truly blessed to have him, I am sure he felt blessed to have you too. Someone who took such an interest in his stories and his hobbies. He would have been thrilled I’m sure to know how he impacted your life and to see your skill with the models you have done and how Benaiah is showing interest. There is a strong resemblance between you and him in that picture.
Never take for granted the good influences God has placed in your life and the opportunities you have to be that same kind of influence

Short and Sweet- “Daddy, you can be Jesus!”

Oh Christian that is such a sweet and funny story
Children certainly do pass on and live out what they learn. In this case quite a bit ha ha
I well remember our mealtimes and all the chatter and sharing of everybodies day.
Those times make for really good memories.
I love these mini blogs and look forward to the next one, I’m sure you will be provided with lots of material lol

Sailing Through The Struggle

Oh Christian , I so enjoy your writings
This was especially good

A Forest Full of Memories

Christian, some of your blogs make me cry, some make me laugh out loud, this one just made me smile and think how true your words about the beautiful nature. I love to picture you and those precious funny little children going through the woods. Keep up the good writing, love reading them

XO. Christine

A Remembrance Day Tribute

Beautiful tribute Christian !!

A Christmas Without Fear

Good perspective Christian , as I know all too well you cannot let fear in any circumstance overwhelm you. We have to put our trust in God and use the common sense he instilled in us

The Prayers of Four Children for Ukraine

Bless their little hearts and tongues

The next comment was the last comment Christine made on my blog. I can honestly say, I haven’t cried so much writing before – and I never fully realized the number of comments (I read them all and replied but just seeing them is overwhelming) and encouraging words she wrote her over the years. – Christian

Jul 16, 2022 Christine Holmes

The Safe Harbour

I found this passage particularly comforting today

In reply to:I found this passage particularly comforting today

My journey to Signal Hill was worth it even more now🙂

The Eason Clan.


3 thoughts on “Lightspeed and Heartbreak

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Christian. She sounds like an incredible woman, and I can’t wait to meet her when we all reach heaven. Thanks for sharing her wonderful comments; they really touched my heart. Hugs and prayers for you and your whole family! 🙂


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