Christmas in October

Photo by Kadri Vosumae on

I was cooking in the kitchen, when suddenly he appeared; he was looking mighty curious with a smile from ear to ear.

He slowly walked to where I stood, as he looked from left to right. His face flashed excitement, when he sneaked up to my side.

“I need some tape,” he whispered. “I have a surprise for my brother.”

I did not ask – because I thought it was cute- as I reached into the drawer. I handed the tape dispenser to my oldest, and with that he raced from the room.

I could hear the soft thumps of his feet, descending the basement stairs. I pictured him in his workshop, to prepare the gift he had there.

Ten minutes later up he came; like a flash he ran down the hall. He cleared the two sleeping Dachshunds and burst toward his brother.

“ISAAC!” Benaiah exclaimed.

Isaac jumped where he stood; startled he ran away. To his surprise what awaited was not a punch but an old Panda Toy.

With his long legs he caught up to his brother, and stood now in his way.

“I wrapped it just for you, Isaac. It used to be my toy but now it’s yours. Merry Christmas.”

Isaac stared. Dumbstruck as he opened the Star Wars wrapping paper; to reveal the already revealed gift…a purple Panda toy for a pencil, of which the battery never worked.

“Thank you much, Naiah.” he said as he wrapped his arms around his brothers waist.

Today I am thankful for my family, who celebrate Christmas in October.


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