It was a day like any other, as I prepared a meal, I noticed out the kitchen window, my son swinging from a tree.

I rushed to the doorway and with my father’s voice I called:

“Get down from there Isaac! Before you fall!”

I watched as he flicked his head to one side, with a surprised look on his face, which turned to a scrunched smile then a grin in it’s place.

“Why?” He said.

There he was hanging, with one arm latched to the tree, the other one dangling, free as could be.

“Because you could fall, thats why!” I shouted as my patience grew thin. I was tired of this ever constant game.

“Why?” he replied back.

A challenge no doubt.

This three year old mocks me. I said to myself.

“Because I said so, that’s why.” Not the best answer I know. So stereotypical. So mundane. As most parents would know.

He stared at me with a “I don’t care what you say’ kind of look. Half smirking, half smiling.

**Sigh** why must he be so cute?!

So my mind began to wander…what life would be like, if you constantly said “Why?” as your standard reply?

The Promotion

Yes, Isaac, this is where your questions could go, imagine your being interviewed for a high salaried role.

“Good day Isaac Eason. We heard greats things about you. Could you please enlighten us about your extra curricular activities too?”


“Well, it would give us a better picture you see. Something to help us understand if you’d fit the team?”


“It’s a standard question.”


“Okay, we’re done here.”

Now son, that didn’t work out too well. Let’s see another example of why questioning don’t always go swell.

The Proposal

You are sitting by the ocean, on a beautiful sunny day. Next to you sits your girlfriend, who you want to marry someday. Well it’s been two years now, and the question still hasn’t been asked. So your significant other decides to prod you a little to get off of your—-

“Isaac, you know I love you, and I know you feel the same. But darling don’t you see us, married one day?”


“Because we should get married, we’ve been together so long. Don’t you want me, like aren’t I enough?”


“You’re kidding right? Isaac come on! If you want me to stick around, ask me to marry you!”



Not the best approach son. You’d better fix it you hear? Time is of the essence and for most lovers “Why” doesn’t appeal. So here’s one last example that will hopefully change your mind…

A Speeding Train

Yes this is drastic, but true none the less. Contemplate this my son, and you’ll get my drift.

A train was rushing down an old railway track. A man was taking a selfie, with the train to his back. As the train approached, he was quite unaware; but the person beside him yelled to get out of there.

“Why?” He replied.

That was his last word that day. Indeed, that man went to heaven, and stood before the pearly gates as a son of Adam.

There an angel took out the book, and read the mans account to the Lord.

“It say’s here God, that he died on a track, after being hit by a train. Apparently his friend warned him, but he cared none the same.”

The Lord rubbed his beard, as he contemplated the logic; but discovering none, he delivered his verdict.

“Child, You do not know it all, in fact you weren’t created to, you see? I’m the all-knowing one, so why question everything? If someone says move, there’s a good reason I’m sure. So don’t pretend to know it all, listen to others you boob.”


So my son, listen to my words, I love you enough. Accept that I know what’s good and what’s not. I’m your father, that’s ‘why’ and I will always be.

I love you, my son.


Because that’s just me.


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