Short and Sweet- Sliding Protege meets Sliding Legend.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Short and Sweet! It’s hard to believe that it is the 7th of March already, like time is flying! Things have been quite different around my house lately, with my son doing school through Google Classroom, and my children practically living outdoors in the snow. Currently we are at COVID Level 5 on the Avalon, located in Eastern Newfoundland. We are limited to one bubble, most stores are closed except those for vital necessities, and all churches, movie theaters and recreation activities are closed. Pretty much we are back to March of 2020 since the recent COVID outbreak in Mt. Pearl, NL. We are hanging in there though, times are tough but thank God we haven’t been hit like other places in the world; I guess that’s one benefit, living on an island ( just as long as it’s not the winter of 1812).

I am excited to share this weeks blog with you, featuring a sliding day with the Clan and a unforgettable sliding moment. Both are hilarious and equally enjoyable. So pour up a coffee or tea, have that sweet you probably don’t need (but thats okay) and enjoy another post from The Eason Clan.

Sliding Protege

I love sliding.

I love it even more when something spectacular happens. Like the time when I did a “Superman” stunt in the air, after hitting a homemade snow ramp at the bottom of Devils Hill; a steep hill we used to slide on as kids, just across the road from my house.(Check out last years post )

I remember hitting the ramp with tremendous speed, soaring through the air, holding onto the back skis of my brother’s GT racer. It was then that I realized there was no way to get back on the GT. I slammed into the hard packed snow on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. The entire airborne stunt lasted about three seconds.

Epic move quickly followed by an epic fail.

Yes, those were the days of trying to impress my friends with my skills. However that was quite hard to do when all the older guys had GT Racers; you know the black matte finish, steel(or black) coloured steering wheel, black shiny metal legs connecting the skis. Almost every kid on the ski hill had a GT…but me. I would watch in envy as they formed a straight line and raced down the hill, like a train through a tunnel (the sliding lane had a wall of trees on either side as you went down).

First kid, then second kid, followed by the third and fourth all racing down the hill, with me following in the distance, the kid on the purple #1 slide.

I didn’t catch the speed however good ol purple got me through. The only downfall with my slide was that there was no hope of steering with that thing. The rope was there to hold on to, but it was no help when you were going full steam down a hill. Whatever way the designers built the front of it it didn’t help with steering that’s for sure. I found this out the hard way after much trial and error, slamming into trees and into the backs of fellow sliders.

The good ol days.

This past week I was outside with my family, building a large sliding platform. The children flocked to the hill, sliding on their bums, helping to pat down the slope. I used a pink slide to help flatten the snow, making a few passes down the hill, forming a perfect lane for the children to follow. Yes, it felt like I was a child again, prepping our sliding hill.

Shortly after my mother came outside and within no time she too was making multiple runs down the hill. Each time she positioned herself on the platform, she would become right serious and tell me to push her just the right angle in order to get the most speed.

“Now don’t push me that way this time (pointing to the left), make sure you push me more to the right.”

Like a Luge athlete lining up their run she was focused and determined for the 60 ft line. Seeing my Mom go down the hill was special, the childlike side of her coming out, letting out the “Weehooooo” as she raced along with my daughter Railene.

We were having so much fun but the best was yet to come.

The Sliding Legend

Growing up Mom and Dad had the classic wooden toboggan with the metal runners, spending hours and hours outside sliding. My mother had the best hills in Corner Brook, a town with mountainous terrain located on the West Coast of Newfoundland. One hill in particular is Valley Rd in Corner Brook, a long steep road that stretches on about a kilometer with hundreds of feet of prime sliding My father has a few sliding stories as well but some are, shall we say, non-conventional-like when he would grab ahold of vehicle bumpers and literally ride for hundreds of meters on his feet on the road!

Can you say amazing? and dangerous lol.

Well this particular day while we were outside, my father was walking across the yard watching us all slide. I suggested that he’d take a turn.

“No, no, I’m not doing that.”

“Come on, Dad! Just once, just slide down the hill once.” I asked with a smile.

He looked at me and then the snow hill.

“Alright, alright. One slide!”

OH MY GOSH! History was in the making. I’ve never seen my father slide in my life. I was a child again with eager excitement.

He walked up the hill, with his rubber boots, blue and black woods jacket, and positioned himself above the slide, carefully sitting on it and …he fell backwards!

A rocky start, however after some assistance from my brother he was lined up and ready to go. I was standing at the bottom of the hill, iPhone in hand, ready to capture a moment never seen in my lifetime.

With a scoot and a lunge, my father slid down the hill, gripping the sled and hauling it up on one end to steer himself. A true master of the art. As he raced passed, he gave his signature head nod and stuck out his tongue in concentration (a trait I inherited while concentrating as well) and continued down the hill.

Seeing my Dad go down the hill on the slide= Priceless. 10 out of 10.

Upcoming News

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Short and Sweet!

Please subscribe to my blog below if you want to follow me. Also some exciting news: I am starting The Eason Clan podcast in the coming weeks! We will be exploring various topics, there will be special guests and much more. You’ll be able to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. So tune in for some fun conversations and thought provoking discussions.

Again thank you to those of you who read my blog faithfully and for sharing it on social media and with friends. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Until next time, keep safe and God Bless!


P.S. Seeing my Dad slide down a hill far surpasses my Superman jump. Signing out with the voice of Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo “Epic Dudeeeee!”

4 thoughts on “Short and Sweet- Sliding Protege meets Sliding Legend.

  1. Christian, great memorable story indeed..Love to be there sliding to as I never sled for years.. We had so much fun back then when the kids were younger.I still picture my 2 brothers clinging to the back of a oil truth going down valley road.from the top part..dangerous but they loved it.when they let go that was the best part as they still kept moving for a bit..good old days sliding on that big hill that your Mom mentioned..sliding on our leather book bags..great

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