Short and Sweet

“Isaac, put down the mattress!” Melissa calls to BamBam in his crib. Towering above his foot long arms is a mattress six times his body size. Like Samson carrying away the gate from a Philstine town in the Bible, Isaac harnesses his inner two year old strength to lift the mattress higher.

Yet another day at the Eason Clan.

I am excited to be kicking off this new weekly series, totally independent from my other blog posts. These posts are short to read, which benefits you if you’re in a rush, and it stars my short and sweet kids (a title I can only use so long I guess).

It’s about time I started recording the funny things that happen in the Eason Clan. Writing about it in my blog will be a perfect place, after all we need a laugh every now and then.

Indeed some tales will be at my own expense, as some Short and Sweet’s weren’t very sweet when they first happened however I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all the same.

Without further ado, here is… “Drum roll please BamBam!!!!”

Short and Sweet. 🙂


Studies show most families mop their floors once or twice every two weeks. Apparently at our house we drop the ball on that statistic. However lately, we have taken mopping to the extreme.

How about mopping once a day for three days strait?

“What? Are you nuts?”

Yes, yes we are. We have four children under five. That tends you make you a little nuts.

Regardless of our state of mind, our youngest can sure be a handful sometimes. Especially when he decides that taking off his diaper during nap time is funny.

Isaac is a magician for getting his diaper off. Regardless of it’s pants, button ups or onesies he can slip it off like butter. Not a great combination when he uses the bathroom in his diaper.

Day 1. Melissa was the first to experience this naughtiness one day while I was at work. She was greeted by poo everywhere, with innocent looking Isaac staring from the corner of his crib.

Mop mop, sanitize sanitize, mess taken care of.

Day 2. I awoke to loud baby sounds coming from the monitor around 8am, followed by a period of…silence. Not a good sign. Pulling on my pj pants, I stumbled to Twins room.

I open the door to see poop…everywhere.

Yet again Isaac sits down in his crib, with his puppy dog face, quite aware of what he had done.

Mop mop, sanitize sanitize, mess taken care of.

Day 3. I was standing in the kitchen preparing my lunch. Benaiah and Railene were outside playing in the backyard. Ava and Isaac laid upstairs for their nap. I picked up the phone to call my mother when I noticed Isaac passing something to Ava through his crib railings.

Like a cheetah I raced across the floor, lunging up the stairs to try and stop what was coming.

As I swung open the door, Ava jumped in shock at my swift entry, while holding a diaper full of poop. Isaac sheepishly stared at me as my face turned to utter horror, seeing him naked yet again with guess what…poop everywhere. To make matters worse, as I was cleaning I was wondering why the floor kept getting worse and worse. I suppose it doesn’t help when you track poop around while wearing Crocs.

Mop mop, sanitize sanitize, mess taken care of.

Day 3 and 1/2. Daddy should have known better. I put Ava and Isaac in their room and closed the door and I quickly darted to my room to change my clothes. Once changed I opened their door to see white smudges all over the floor and Isaac fleeing from my presence. With no where to run in his bedroom, I caught him as he was holding the diaper cream container preparing for another handful. He must have gotten the cream from the change table, which he proceeded to slather his legs and arms in cream, while coating the floor in the process.

Mop mop, sanitize sanitize, room cleaned for the last time that day.

The Battle Stalemates

The War of the Poo has stalemated for the moment, with a pause on both fronts. After my battle hardened experience, I am now alert. Keeping a watchful eye, peering through the monitor and standing guard with my mop, shall the need arise.

If you’re wondering, the mop and bucket are on stand-by in our upstairs hall, ready for action.

Always remember…don’t trust your toddler. They are always waiting…waiting for that moment.

Always remember…love your child. Teach them not to do such things, deal with it, and have a laugh about it later. Then when they’re older, with poopy children of their own, you can remind them “Well _____, I remember when you use too…”

I hope you enjoy your day and keep watch for next weeks, “Short and Sweet.”


4 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. Hi Christian wonderful and funny indeed. A real great reading and after having children and grandchildren of our own I can certainly relate to the poopy matter haha. Keep writing and looking forward to more funny and everyday life events. I also enjoyed your story regarding my dad. A great dad, past soldier and talented indeed in wood-making. In my eyes a real hero . He indeed is loved and greatly missed by all . Xo aunt pauline

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