The Eason Clan-The Beginning

From left to right: Isaac, Christian(myself), Benaiah, Melissa, Railene, Ava

Where did the title “Eason Clan” come from? Was it my ancestors ploughing fields in Leeds, England or was it my fourth great- grandfather Hugh Eason? Born in England in 1788, he set sail with the hope for a better life in a rich fishing colony under the British Empire, Newfoundland. I’m not sure to be honest considering I only heard of the title when I made it up last year:P.

My cousin John stated one day, as we stood in my kitchen drinking coffee looking out the window to my yard, that my house should be the “Eason Ranch”. He said this because of our new additions: 9 chickens to our already enlarged estate. Sure, call me crazy but a man needs eggs to feed all those young-ins and I’d have a cow if my wife would let me (a barn would be nice too).

However, you have to make due with what you have in this day and age. I know that statement would fly in the face of or commercials and the advertising being thrown at us daily by large scale corporations who somehow convince us that “more” will make us happy and “new” will give us the “edge” in this world. Sure, I’m a bit old fashioned however I know that my wife, four children, two Weiner dogs, four hens(a story for another time considering I mentioned 9 earlier) and all my other family love me and I serve a God who takes care of us. I have everything I need.

Naturally I want more things at times, but when do our wants become needs? Do you struggle with that too? Feeling the urge for more and then it becomes a “need” all of a sudden in your mind? Right now I am typing on my wife’s laptop and for some reason it is slow as molasses. I type one sentence and I have to wait for the words to appear. Do I want a new laptop? Yes. Do I have enough money for a new laptop? No. So lets pack away that want before it becomes a need and be satisfied that I can actually type, even if it takes a minute for the words to appear.

That’s my thought for today. What do you think? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

This is my intro blog post with more to come. I hope you enjoyed, felt challegned or annoyed at my post because if you experienced any one of those feelings then I’ve struck a chord. Also I love playing guitar:)


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